Panorama Plus 4: Conquest (Virtual)

Duration: 6 weeks | February 2-March 9
Day/Time: Tuesdays | 12:00-1:00pm
Format: Virtual class that meets weekly online
Book: Panorama Plus 4: Conquest - $5
Facilitator: Nick Roland
Description: This six week study focuses on the Book of Joshua and Israel's entrance into the Promised Land (by entering, conquering, and possessing). Panorama Plus 4 is an expanded study of Movement 4 (Conquest) of Panorama of the Bible. It is not necessary to have taken Panorama of the Bible before taking this class. Upon registration, you will receive email instructions for how to pick up your book and connect through Google Classroom.

Fellowship Rogers Campus

Tonya Newman
[email protected]
(479) 659-7021

Google Classroom

Date / Time

Registration closed on Tuesday, February 16, 2021